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Consumers’ Right and Responsibilities

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1. Patient Rights

a. The patient has the right to:

  1. Choose your pharmacy providers
  2. Receive a detailed description of the patient management program, including characteristics, objectives, and general information about the patient management program as provided in the patient welcome packet.
  3. Know that Protected Health Information (PHI) is to be shared with authorized healthcare providers only in compliance with HIPAA and other relevant state and/or federal laws.
  4. Know the name and title of the employee with which they are speaking.
  5. Speak to an employee’s supervisor at any time if requested
  6. Lodge a complaint or suggest changes to your pharmacy services or care provided without compromising your care or experiencing any repercussions.
  7. Have any complaint investigated and be notified of the findings or result.
  8. Voice a complaint to the pharmacy and/or your state’s Board of Pharmacy
  9. Speak with a health professional, specifically a registered pharmacist at any time about your medications, care plan or services provided by the pharmacy.
  10. Receive verbal and written explanations of the services offered by the pharmacy.
  11. Receive updates related to changes, inclusions, or a termination of the patient management program.
  12. Opt-out of the patient management program, revoke consent or disenroll (stop participating) in the patient management program at any time.
  13. Refuse treatment at any time for any reason.
  14. Receive high quality pharmaceutical care without discrimination against your race, sex, color, religion, sexual preference, physical limitations, age, health condition or any other protected class described by state or federal law.
  15. Be treated with dignity, individuality, and autonomy.
  16. Be aware that if the pharmacy cannot meet the needs of the patient, the patient will be referred to a healthcare provider or pharmacy that can meet the needs of the patient.
  17. Designate another individual as a decision maker on your behalf as well as the circumstances with which that person is authorized to make decisions about the care and services you receive.
  18. Receive a copy of your medical records as permitted by law.

2. Patient’s responsibilities

  1. Submit any forms that are necessary to participate in the program, to the extent required by law
  2. Provide accurate and complete health information including:
    1. Medication use – prescription, over-the-counter, herbal, and supplemental medications
    2. Medical history – hospitalizations, health conditions, allergies, etc.
    3. Laboratory information
  3. Provide accurate and complete financial information when required for patient assistance programs (if the patient wishes to have the pharmacy assist in financial assistance programs)
  4. Notify their healthcare providers of their participation in the patient management program.
  5. Follow your pharmacy care plan, take medications as prescribed and remain under the care of your physician while a patient at the pharmacy.
  6. Request additional information and ask questions if you do not understand education, instruction, or guidance by the pharmacy.
  7. Inform the pharmacy of any changes to your health status including:
    4. Recent hospitalizations
    5. Changes to your medication regimen
    6. Initiations or discontinuation of care, either a physician or medication regimen
  8. Inform the pharmacy if they have any concerns that have not yet been addressed.
  9. Manage financial obligations related to care that are not covered by a third-party payer like Medicare or Medicaid.