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Medications for HIV/AIDS

MedicinesPatients with HIV can find security and reassurance through our medication program here in Healthco Pharmacy. We provide access to major medicinal breakthroughs of the disease, providing symptoms management, relief, and over-all health improvement.

Our medication program for HIV/AIDS patients also includes:

  • proper education for the patients and family members on how the disease can acquired and how it can be prevented;
  • close coordination with specialists and other multi-disciplinary professionals on proper case management;
  • access to other beneficial pharmacy services like special packaging and auto refills to ensure medication compliance.

We highly encourage patients and family members to remain strong in the face of this disease. Get the right support from us here in Healthco Pharmacy. Call us today at 713-218-6337 (Chimney Rock) or 713-640-5575 (MLK) to discuss your requirements.