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Long Term Care

female pharmacistWhen founder, Brenda Richardson opened Healthco Pharmacy, after retiring from a 32-year career as a pharmacist for a national chain, her goal was to work for herself and continue what she loved most about practicing pharmacy: Helping patients get better. To Brenda, that meant asking patients how they were feeling, helping them understand their drug regimens and visiting their homes at times. At this level of care, she found a challenge. “Some of my customers were on 15 or more medications. That’s a lot to keep up with when you’re healthy, let alone when you’re managing an illness or condition”, she said. Brenda’s desire to help patients manage their medications better led her on a search to find leading-edge technology to solve the problem.

Healthco Pharmacy now offers a unique service to its customers—Multi-dose Packing. (MDP) This service is also provided to patients in long-term care facilities or hospitals. With an increasingly aging population, Healthco Pharmacy is focused on cost control and quality of care. Providing customers with Multi-dose Packaging allows Healthco Pharmacy to meet those goals. We are the only retail pharmacy in Houston equipped with this technology which we offer to long-term care facilities, hospitals and patients who can benefit from using MDP to manage their prescription needs better. Our Dose Packs contain custom details which include:

  • Patient Name
  • Medicine names/Strengths
  • Physician’s Directions
  • Dosage Schedule

These features not only help the patients but help to improve compliance with Physician’s orders, while preventing missed dosages and/or over-dosages.

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