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Medication Therapy Management

SyringesAt Healthco Pharmacy, we are offering Medication Therapy Management service for those who need it. Essentially, this service aims to enhance drug therapy and to help improve pharmaceutical healing outcomes for patients.

Not familiar with this service yet? Here are some ways wherein Medication Therapy Management can help you:

  • Comprehensive and complete review of your prescription. Our pharmacists will be happy to answer any and all of your questions; from its possible side-effects to proper dosage.
  • Disease management support. Are you or a loved one suffering asthma, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and some other chronic disease? In that case, you should know that with Medication Therapy Management, our pharmacists can also provide you with disease management support. Basically, this means that our pharmacists can provide you with lifestyle tips, healthy living modifications, and some other guidelines to help you manage your disease better. With these lifestyle changes, your current prescription can be maximized as well.
  • Drug-interaction consultation. Do you want to avoid possible drug interactions? If you are maintaining a medication for a chronic disease, and you want to take an over-the-counter or dietary drug, our pharmacists at Healthco Pharmacy can help you identify any possible problems.

These are just some ways where you can benefit from Medication Therapy Management. If you want to enjoy these benefits, please give us a call today at 713-218-6337 (Chimney Rock)/713-640-5575 (MLK) for more information.